Yaska guides you through the world of IT and digitalizes your business through consulting, IT-support and software development.

We transform IT problems into human language and and provide you with a straightforward solution fitting your company's needs.  

Yaska? Your digital guide, always at your service.

"As the organizer of Belgium's largest film festival, Film Fest Gent has been able to rely on the near flawless service & advice of the Yaska team for the past several years."

- Wim De Witte, Film Fest Gent


We listen to your needs, find out how your company works, what positions your people hold and what tools they individually need to be able to work.

Based on these insights, we draw up an action plan that will improve your digital operation. The purpose of our advice? Integrating a system with computers and programs that is so efficient that it saves you time and money.

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After a detailed analysis of your specific IT needs, we draw up a plan to support your infrastructure as efficiently and effectively as possible. We ensure proactive monitoring, updating and maintenance of your IT so that you can focus on your business activity.

If you have questions or encounter a problem, you can always contact one of our employees. In other words, we are your trusted IT partner.

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We design and program websites, develop integrations and automate internal processes in order to support your organisation in its digital challenges. Each programmer in our interdisciplinary team is the sum of our experience and expertise.

Based on a technical analysis, we look at which technology can help your company move forward and bring your ideas to life.


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