YASKA helps education-based IT teams, administrators and teachers manage Apple devices in the classroom to ensure their technology initiatives are a success in order to empower your teachers, students and parents with the tools they need to take learning to a whole new level.

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Mobile Device Management

We enable the education sector to easily integrate Apple devices in their existing IT environment for an optimal and effortless user experience.

In order to bring you the best possible Mobile Device Management solutions, we have partnered with JAMF to collaboratively ease your day-to-day education-based technology needs.

Device Management

We help with the implementation of a Mobile Device Management system which makes it possible to configure Apple devices remotely, push down profiles, apps etc.

Classroom Management

Easily manage classes by dragging and dropping the required apps and content and by setting up the relevant restrictions.

Content caching

Internet connection issues whilst sharing documents during classes are in the past. Files that will be used simultaneously by students can be downloaded on one Apple device and shared with other students from that same device.

Incident System

Keep track of the condition of Apple devices and be able to identify whether an Apple device is damaged or other possible problems which may be detected.

Profile management

Reduce manual work by automatically assigning profiles to students, giving them access to subject-specific content, all whilst hiding unrelated information.


Easily manage your fleet, by keeping track of the managed Apple devices, users and apps.

Single Sign-On

Teachers & students work on multiple devices, from different locations & networks. We aim to ease teachers’ and students’ day-to-day work by providing them with secure access to all their applications and content by only having to log in once.

Universal Directory

We provide schools with a centralised view of all their users by aggregating user data across cloud applications, on-premise applications, HR systems, AD instances, LDAP and partner directories

Multi-Factor Authentication

To limit internet security risks as much as possible , we help schools put in place an extra layer of security systems and applications by implementing a variety of factors for authentication across usability and assurance levels.

Lifecycle Management

To provide schools with an impeccable user experience by implementing a secure way to automatically provision (create) accounts for new teachers/students as from day one and deprovision accounts when they leave.

Identity Management

In today’s remote working world security concerns are at an all-time high.

At YASKA, we are convinced that it is possible to connect users to all the resources they need in a safe and secure environment. It is our objective, together with our partner Okta, to drastically reduce manual work linked to identity management, whilst increasing the level of security!

Internet & device security

Teachers and students are able to access their resources with multiple devices and at many different locations. This also increases the vulnerability of a schools’ data and information.

Our top priority, together with our partners JAMF and Okta is to provide schools and higher education institutions with the latest and most secure macOS experience. This is achieved by providing both access to and use of Apple devices and applying the latest security standards available by benchmarking the measures installed with the CIS standards.

Securing access to Apple devices / resources

Single-sign-on and an adaptive multi-factor authentication, combined with a strong lifecycle management system, make it possible to easily control and secure the access to the devices / resources used by a school.

Securing the use of Apple devices

By preventing known macOS malware and unwanted software and detecting Mac-specific threats, we enable schools to quickly identify potential security threats and to apply corrective actions.

Monitoring Mac endpoint compliance

Centralize any security-related data from all your devices in order to monitor security settings fleetwide and benchmark it with CIS (Centre for Internet Security) principles and standards.

“YASKA has given me a lot of confidence that we have the necessary management and security in place for our devices. It also gives the users a lot of confidence when they are using their devices.”

Marthe NilsenICT Manager, Den norske skolen i Brussel

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